What We Do...


Geekomancy is our dream to share all our creative ideas with you. We love wood-working and crafting things with our own hands. We also have a love of gaming that we want to share with you guys and gals and cyborgs out there in the geek-o-verse.


It’s also true that we are into graphic design, so we do that too in the form of a Redbubble.com store where you can buy our designs on t-shirts and mugs among a whole bunch of other products. Oh yeah, We are aware that some of you have a creative streak just as strong as ours, so we have made some of our plans available for you to download and try out yourselves.

Why We Do it...


We do Geekomancy because we love it. We know the joy that can come from being a geek, and so we want to share information and inspire others to be creative and try something new.


There are a thousand different ways to do things and we would like to share the way we do things, hoping you will enjoy playing with it, recreating it or using it as an inspiration to spark your own creative juices. We prefer that your focus is on the content of our videos, creations and games themselves rather than us, that’s why you will rarely see us in our videos.

how We Do it...


We have a small wood workshop set up in our single garage, where we design and craft everything ourselves. We also have set up a recording room in our house where Lozi does her wood burns. It’s making everything with our own hands that is our motivation, so that’s how we do the things that we do. By hand.


We also are avid gamers, which we do at our kitchen table. So what better place to share gaming then there.



Where to from here...


Our Aim is to keep creating new and interesting designs and post them to YouTube and the internet for your enjoyment. We hope to dabble in many different aspects of the Geek-o-verse. Wood creations and board gaming are a big part of our future, but you are likely to see all sorts of things pop up in our videos and on site. It is not our intention to be a full blown retail store as everything we make, and plan to make in the future are all hand crafted, and besides, creating thousands of something kind of takes the fun out of it. What we do create we are happy to sell to keep this adventure going.



Who we are...


Lozi and Almostsane are a husband and wife team who totally love everything geek. They are eager to create new and unique things and share these with the world. They are a little bit on the quirky side and love who they are. They met at the local gaming store one Wednesday night across a game of Agricola.


Lozi, who was new to the board gaming scene at the time, kicked Almostsanes backside over and over again. One afternoon while playing Battlestar Galactica with a group of people, Lozi (who was secretly a cylon) convinced the others not only to make her CAG and Admiral but to also throw Almostsane (who was not a cylon) out of an airlock. She secretly and subtly sabotaged the group’s journey to earth defeating them at the action of the last turn and Almostsane decided in that moment that he would one day marry her.


A few years later, with a Stormtrooper preceding Lozi down the aisle, They were married and together hatched a plan to RULE THE WORLD….cough…. start a business creating awesome content and artwork, sharing what they loved with the Geek-o-verse...


about Lozi


Lozi was raised on Star Trek and Star Wars. Her parents taught her the value in being creative and working hard. She spent most of her life keeping her geeky side on the downlow until she decided that lying to herself was not worth it. After coming out of the nerdy closet she fully embracing the geeky side and met Almostsane shortly after. Lozi is intrigued with how things work and how to make things. When she figures it out she jumps to the next thing. Her hobby is collecting hobbies and she is passionate about every single one.


about almostsane


Almostsane was so strong with the geeky side that when growing up he naturally gravitated towards all things awesome. Young aspirations of becoming a Jedi Master failed…because you know….reality, after which he turned to the world of gaming. After saving the world countless times (and destroying it almost as many), he turned his attention to creative design. He is passionate about bringing new and interesting ideas to life.

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