Purchasing Wood Burn and Build it Items...


When purchasing Wood Burns or Build it items from Geekomancy, please consider the following...


Why are some items not listed as 'Buy now' ?

Each of the items we create is a once-off hand crafted piece of art. We make and film  the creation process for your enjoyment, and then if that item was not a request, we will put it up for sale until it sells. We do not mass-produce the items featured in our videos.


What is included in the price ?

The price listed on our website is inclusive of the item itself, and postage and handling by means of regular Australian Post postage, or standard Air mail to customers outside of Australia. That's right FREE STANDARD SHIPPING!!!


What if I want to express post it?

If you would like express post,  Rather than use the buy now button, please use the contact us form to request the item with express postage and we will arrange a method of payment that is inclusive of the difference in postage charges.


An Item is not for sale, but I must have it... what now?

If you really like something you see, but it is currently not for sale, please use the contact us form to request a reproduction of that item. We will get back to you and let you know if and when we can make it for you, however because each item is hand-made, and we are a small team, we are not always able to fulfil every request for a reproduction.


You've agreed to reproduce an item for me, will it be exactly the same as in the video?

While we strive to ensure you will receive exactly what you want, the fact that each item is hand made means we cannot guarantee that it will match the original piece in the video exactly. We will make every possible attempt to ensure it matches as closely as possible.


What if I want a custom piece?

If you like what we do, and have and idea you would like us to make, or a design you would love for us to burn for you, please use the contact us page to send a request. If it is something we can do, we will get back to you with a time frame and cost, as well as any other details.


Will my Custom Piece cost the same as your other listed items?

Due to that fact that everything is hand made, and due to demand, we cannot gaurentee that the price quoted on a custom or re-production item will be the same as other prices listed on our website.

Other Products...


When purchasing other products from Geekomancy's Redbubble store, please keep the following in mind...


Why are your items available through Redbubble, and not your site?

We are a small two-person design team who love creating and designing. We are not set up for mass-production of things like t-shirts or coffee mugs, but the team over at Redbubble.com is, so in order to offer you the awesome designs we make, we out source to those that are set up for production.


Who sets the price ?

The price is set by the guys over at Redbubble.com. We make a small percentage commission on items with our designs that they sell.


Who handles the transaction?

The whole sales transaction is handled by Redbubble.com. We only design the stuff, Redbubble make it and sell it and as such all purchases are subject to the Redbubble terms and conditions.


What if i have a question about a product i received?

If you have any questions or concerns with a product, please direct all enquires to Redbubble.com. We have no input into the manufacture of the products.

Build it Plans...


When purchasing plans for items in the Build it section of Geekomancy, please think about this...


Why are your items available through Sellfy, and not your site?

We have chosen to use the services of Sellfy so that we can focus on creating awesome new content, rather than spending alot of time tracking orders for our plans.


Who sets the price ?

The price is set by us and Sellfy take a small percentage.


Why are Prices in USD?

Sellfy.com is an American website. They do not have an option for Australian Dollars, so everything is in US Dollars.


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